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We are pleased to provide the following services:

Word Processing We can help with everything from letters and memos to reports, journals or complete procedure manuals. We are fully conversant with all Office packages and can supply a professionally finished document on plain paper or your own letterhead. Leave the choice of fonts and layout to us or specify a range of special features, including graphics and desktop publishing options. We can accommodate special layouts such as columns, tables, or charts and a range of styles and colours.
Editorial Services These are available for publishers, literary editors, companies large or small, students, authors and other individuals. We welcome both non-fiction and fiction, from both new and established authors.
Proof Reading Checking proofs is a tedious but critical task and any mistakes overlooked can be costly to correct at the page proof stage. Modern computer spell checkers are useful but have their limitations. They are based on US English and are unable to distinguish the correct tense or even whether a word is correct (e.g. they would not pick up the difference between here and hear).We can mark changes on hard copy and/or change documents electronically, flagging any changes, additions or deletions.
We can:
  • check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and general English errors
  • check and highlight problems in page layout and markup copy
  • check against specifications for typesetting
  • check and query errors or inconsistencies in style and content
  • check for overall sense and clarity
Desktop Publishing/Publications We can produce newsletters, flyers, menus, posters, adverts, press releases, promotional material or leaflets. These would be charged at an hourly rate for any design and writing involved and then a per copy price.
Presentations Power-Point Presentations from handwritten notes or complete design, Printed or onto acetates or onto media of your choice.We can offer a choice of graphics, charts and clip art. We can email you the completed output.
Research Comprehensive Internet research service available to academics, writers and business people worldwide. We can search and review Net resources on assigned topics and report the findings in whatever form you prefer.
Transcription We can transcribe standard WAV digital files. Once transcribed, your work can be emailed, faxed or posted.

Some useful things to remember:

Rarely does spoken English appear concise and clear, particularly in interviews. It can appear rambling, repetitive and full of ‘fillers’ like ‘um’, ‘er’ and ‘know what I mean?’ The words can easily become incomprehensible.
We can edit the literal transcription into a concise easily understood text where the speaker’s meaning is clear.
We invariably speak much faster than we write or type. It is generally accepted that we can speak four times faster than we can type.
It is a commonly held misconception that it takes one hour to transcribe one hour of recorded tape. This is incorrect.
The industry standard allows ONE hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech.
It can take a MINIMUM of 4 hours to transcribe a 1 hour tape and as much as 6 or 8 hours depending on:

  • The quality of the recording
  • The clarity of the voices on the tape
  • The number of people speaking
  • The speed at which they are talking
  • Whether they speak in coherent sentences
  • The degree of regional accents
  • The amount of technical terms involved
  • The position and number of microphones used
Manuscripts This facility is available to both writers and publishers if you need handwritten notes, typed drafts or audio transcription turned into a finished manuscript.
Dissertation/Theses We can provide you with a speedy turnaround for your handwritten notes. Mail, fax or email your dissertation / thesis and we will produce a printed hard copy, plus electronic files to your specification.IF ENGLISH IS NOT YOUR MOTHER TONGUE we can check your document for spelling errors and ensure it is grammatically correct. We offer everything from a simple read-through of your document with handwritten changes and a list of suggestions, to a complete editorial and re-writing service, making alterations where appropriate without changing the original meaning.
Website Design We can assist with basic website design, editing and offer a maintenance package which will cover any amendments / revisions you wish to make.We can offer an editing service for your existing website, checking spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, validity of links and the appearance of your website in different browsers.
Please note: Our basic website design packages include up to 5 pages. If you require an “all singing / all dancing” e-commerce site or a complicated a database, this is not part of our service but we can put you in touch with our partner specialist website design service at Scriptdevelopers.
Website Submission Website submission is just as important as design. You can have the fanciest website in the world, but if the site is not submitted correctly and regularly, no one will find it. It is akin to printing a pile of glossy brochures, and then keeping them in your spare room instead of sending them out! We offer a free check on your websites position in the major search engines and a report detailing our suggestions for improvements.We can submit your website to the major search engines and directories and continue a program of regular maintenance and submission to enhance your chances of being found by potential clients. We can also research the most appropriate website business directories and submit your site accordingly.
Invoicing/Bookkeeping Spreadsheets, Invoicing, Estimates, Simple accounts, and more…If running your business leaves you no time to do the above, then we can take over that activity for you and ensure invoices are issued promptly, and your books are kept up to date.